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MIT Micro-Mobility Conference   


The Third Transportation Revolution is here. In the emerging world of 'micro rentals' and shared asset ownership, the access economy, pioneered by Uber and AirBnB, is expanding to local transportation options, often called micro-mobility, or BTW (Better Than Walking). The melding of simple existing technology like traditional bicycles and skateboards with lithium-ion batteries and powerful computing technology has created a whole new way for people to travel relatively short distances.

The policy and design issues surrounding this new and growing type of personal mobility, be it personally owned electric skateboards, dock-less bikes, or shared electric scooters, are challenges which governments, businesses, advocacy groups, and regular citizens are all struggling to address.

This conference brings together thought leaders from government, industry, and user groups to explore the technological, policy, and physical infrastructure complications we must address as we jointly move into this New Urban Mobility future.

12:00-12:20: WELCOME

12:20-12:50: KEYNOTE: How does micro-mobility incorporate new and emerging technologies? What are the implications and mathematical impacts of vehicle occupancy, pooling, congestion, sharing, multi-modal networks, etc.

 1:00-2:15: PANEL DISCUSSION 1: Potential and current impact of emerging and existing technology-based micro-mobility such as scooters, micro-electric vehicles (MEVs), e-bikes, and one-wheels.

2:30-3:45: PANEL DISCUSSION 2: Regional infrastructure and regulatory challenges such as data sharing, equity, land use and right of way, parking and charging, speed limits, and licensing, zoning, and permitting.

3:45-4:15: Q&A OF ALL SPEAKERS

4:15-5:00: CLOSING REMARKS & SHOWROOM EXHIBIT: Exhibit will have multiple devices on display including micro electric-vehicles, bike-shares, e-bikes, e-scooters, one-wheels, etc.

*Light snacks will be provided

Contact with any questions.


The power of Big Data in our fight against COVID-19; market demand and future scope- Weekly Guide   


Data Science and Analytics are constantly evolving and coming up with new advancements. Amidst the global pandemic, analytics has played an important role in speeding up various processes concerning COVID-19. The global Hadoop Big Data Analytics Market Report 2020 was released recently, let us take a look at the advancements in the field over the […]

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