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We write search applications custom for your business and document needs.

God is a news aggregator that provides a number of different search applications in the cloud, on the blockchain, in your network, or in a decentralized network.

Document Search

We write custom search algorithms using Python, PHP, Java, NodeJS, and BASH. We can also provide off the shelf solutions like Solr or Elastic Search.

Blockchain Applications

We write blockchain applications using Vyper and Solidity on Ethereum Blockchain.

Artificial Intelligence

We write Pytorch, SciKit, Keras and Tensorflow applications.

Document Search Provider

We have written multiple search applications in various differnt languages for PDF, HTML, DOCX, XLSX, and various other formats.

Chronological news search is what we provide on God.blue, but that does not mean we do not have an algorithm that fits your search needs.

Previously we ran a large document collection on docunator.com and doczine.com with over 10,000,000 PDFs. We can provide data, or you can provide your own.

Blockchain Applications

We write DAPPs or ICOs on Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchains. With over 150 smart contracts created under 'God Metals' contracts we are very familiar with tokens.

We can help you write a Dapp or decentralized applications for your Web3 project. We speak 'blockchain' jargon and understand decentralization better than most out there.

Looking to start an ICO project, well we can help generate those tokens for you or you can invest in ours. Let us know how we can help you in your Web3 venture.


Documents, Networks, Databases, Search Apps, Decentralized Networks, Blockchains, Artificial Intelligences


We are your document provider in the cloud on the blockchain or in your databases or decentralized networks.


We can network your applications, offices, programs, cryptoassets, and neural networks together as one entity.


We speak SQL normalization in Oracle, SQL Server, Maria, MySql, PostGres, and Sybase. We can also provide a DBaaS network to your app.

Search Clusters

Solr search clusters, elastic search databases, and NoSQL for all you key lovers. Yes we can provide a search application for your CRM!


Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tron applications are our specialty. ICO templates, DAO, Blockchain Launches and Dapps for your corporate network.

Artificial Intelligences

Deep learning question answer applications, machine learning, translations, artificial intellgences, and neural networks.

Why God?

Are you a skeptic? Do you need someone onsite? Is your project ongoing or is your worked never finished? Did you want to invest? Maybe your not ready yet, chat with us it never hurts.

God Search

Batch Search, Date Search, Search Cluster, Database Search, Search Indexes, Search Keys, Search Algorithms. If there is search out there we have tried it and provide it!

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God Documents

PDF, XLSX, DOCX, HTML, XML, CSV, TSV you name a mime extension we will find a way to index and search it that is our promise! We specialize in document search for your business.

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God Metals

Telerium, Yttium, Gold, Titanium, Platinum smart contract synthetic pricing is what we provide, yes metallurgic indeces price pegged to the real thing for your cryptoassets.

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